Through the African story telling style, from the Narrators you will hear, feel and imagine the ambience of oneness, hope, harmony, communalism that encapsulated the atmosphere and the height of the Citizenry’s anticipation on the 30th day of September, 1960.
A day to reenact the significance of the unity of Nigerians and most importantly restaging the 1960 nostalgias that preludes the commemoration of the Nation’s Independence Day tagged: CITIZENS & PATRIOTS DAY.

The Citizens and Patriots is a prelude heralding programme and activities outlined to mark Nigeria’s renaissance and building back the Nigeria that is not only the Giant of Africa, but the Center of Global Resourcefulness in Human and Economic capacity.

STORY! STORY!! Our esteemed OCTOGENARIANS tagged the Narrators will take us through the celebration mood, excitement and various festivities of the citizens within and outside the country.
The watch night/Lamp lights to take place from 10:30pm to 12midnight – a 90 minutes experience of yellow flames and lights nationwide and outside the country. To showcase the communal solidarity and the enthusiasm that circulated the atmosphere on the 30th day of September, 1960. The host of narrators on the Programme will include Octogenarians.
A solemn assembly observed by volunteers (citizens) in renaissance of the nostalgias and memory of the eve of October first 1960, when every citizen anticipated the dawn of the Independence morning of our great country Nigeria.

This is a conscious call from HIYA NIGERIA Volunteer to fellow citizens with the aim of awakening the minds in Reflecting and reviving the great excitement of October 1st 1960, the Hope, and communal unity and oneness embedded in September 30th. The focus is gathering together at any secured location to be tagged as “Civic center” of citizens and patriots to celebrate their day and light up a new dawn into the nation’s commemoration of independence.

– All participants are required to observe the following information:
– Interested zoom participants must register 24 hours* before the programme using the registration link:
– Questions can be forwarded in video, audio, and text messages to the WhatsApp line 08055996919.
– To participate live call the studio line live on – 08055996919
– You can register as an octogenarian or participate as a speaker.

VISION – Awaken and restage the nostalgia feeling, expressed by Nigerians across the country and overseas in 1960.

MISSION – The Citizens and Patriots Day programme is a vehicle for a compatriot’s call to awaken the minds of All Nigerian Citizens Home and Diaspora, to reflect and replay the great activities and excitement of September 30th, 1960 into October 1st 1960, the communal unity and oneness that encapsulated all citizens over 60 years ago and thereafter.

The objective of this programme is to:

  • Re-enact and restage the event of over 60 years, using the TELEPRESENCE technology in converging participant within and outside the country
  • Include the participation of Nigerians in the Diaspora during the celebration of the annual independence of Nigeria
  • Foster communal unity through the activities of the anniversary of Nigerian independence
  • Promote the national Icons and create awareness on the national color Scheme guide, National anthem, Prayer and Pledge Icon, and the back cover of the constitution
  • Salvage indigenous languages/dialects from extinction and documentation of orthographies by encouraging Nigerian Communities, parents/children, Schools/Teachers/ within and outside the country to participate in the translate me choral challenge.

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