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About the ``HIYA NIGERIA`` Project

Language is not just a means of communication but also a means of identification, and without language, there is no identity. Given that language is a symbio-genesis catalyst of nationalism, it is imperative to communicate to the nationals their civic responsibilities and the need for each person to identify, honour the Nigerian National Symbols, and understand his/her Citizen’s Civic Responsibilities.

“HIYA NIGERIA” is a Nationwide Citizens’ Enterprise Development program, an initiative for Grassroot empowerment using Nigerian indigenous languages. The project is focused on enabling Citizens to understand their Civic Responsibilities, at the same time develop entrepreneurial/skills acquisition for grassroots economic/infrastructure benefits.

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What you need to know.


There are about five hundred and twenty-one (521) indigenous languages, nine (9) gone into extinction, leaving five hundred and ten (510) existing languages in Nigeria (36 states + FCT, and 774 L.G.A, with over 8,804 Wards).

HIYA NIGERIA seeks to implement the use of these existing indigenous languages as a tool for indoctrinating nationalism. These languages serve as confluence to over four thousand (4,000) dialects, of which two (2) are second language {Pidgin, and English Language-which ironically is the lingua franca of Nigeria.


The project will involve using the local languages and dialects as tools for promoting Nationalism, Patriotism and Communal Unity.

Sensitise and mobilise non-English speaking Nigerians, to understand and participate in all aspects of Nation building.

Development of orthographies of Nigerian indigenous languages and dialects.

HIYA - The Significance

The Significance of the Project

National symbols will be translated into all Nigerian languages and dialects respectively (Anthem, Pledge, Constitution, Coat of Arms, National Flag, Nigerian Currencies, National Identification Card, and International Passport.

The translated materials will be used as the teaching tools to indoctrinate positive national values to Nigerians irrespective of age, educational qualification and status.


  • Using indigenous languages to create an awareness and ownership of Nigeria national symbols: Coat of Arms, National Anthem and Pledge, National Currency, National Flag, Constitution, National Passport, National identity card e.t.c.
  • Re- orientating Nigerians using Indigenous languages.
  • Fostering a proper application of the Nigerian national symbols.
  • Cultivating citizens’ ability to read and write their indigenous languages.


A citizenry that embraces its civic responsibility and lofty national values.



Local Governments


Ethnic Groups






Project Coordinator

Identity, pride, history, heritage, myth, tradition, culture, death, soul, summon, breath, and conscience are the metaphoric string of language. Language is the symbio-gensis catalyst of nationalism, without language there is no identity.

Ngbede Odeh

Ngbede Odeh


HIYA NIGERIA promotes collaboration among Nigerians through cultural education and communication in order to further national respect for justice, ethnicity, language and religion.

Kelvin Ugbana

Kelvin Ugbana


HIYA Nigeria, projects professional language art ingenuity,where creativity through innovative sensitization programme will enforce right value orientation of our Nigerian National Symbols in citizens

HIYA Nigeria Target Points

Schools and Religious Centers

Motor Parks and Artisans’ Workshops

Markets, Barracks and Prisons

Citizens in disability centers

Home/Shelters and Communities

Health Centers, Public and Private Organizations


“HIYA NIGERIA” in treating the disorder, is to reconnect the Nigerians that were once in connect, but have disconnected over the years, and to connect the citizens who were never connected to the use and adequate orientation of our national symbols: Nigerian National Anthem, Pledge, Flag, Constitution, Coat of Arm, Identity card, Currency, International Passport. This is a solidarity movement for patriotism that can deeply root its achievement by taking the campaign to the people, especially at the rural level in their indigenous languages

HIYA NIGERIA aims to identify all the Indigenous languages and dialects in Nigeria and translate these symbols into such languages.

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