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Independence Day is an official National holiday in Nigeria, celebrated every 1st of October. The event marks Nigeria’s proclamation of independence from British rule on October 1st 1960.
In the past, Nigeria had celebrated her independence with military parades amidst other activities every year across all the States of the federation. The narrative in 2021 – 2022 certainly will take a new twist, as Nigeria is set to take her independence celebration to the global stage for inclusiveness.
Nigeria cross over at 12 midnight on the 1st of October to her 61st Independence: and without any doubt will begin the celebration of Her 61st Independence Anniversary; a celebration that the Team HIYA NIGERIA has set out to run for 365 days!!!!

HIYA NIGERIA CITIZENS AND PATRIOTS DAY!! Is a virtual and physical Programme put together to restage and re-enact the eventful activities of September 30th 1960, which of course was the eve of the independence of Nigeria from the British presence and rule.
Through the African story telling style, you will hear, feel and imagine the ambience of oneness, harmony, communalism that encapsulated the atmosphere and the height of the Citizenry’s anticipation on the 30th day of September, 1960.
The Programme is a compatriot’s call through “HIYA NIGERIA” to fellow citizens with the aim of awakening the minds of All Nigerian Citizens Home and Diaspora together as one, to reflect and replay the great excitement of October 1st 1960, the communal unity and oneness that encapsulated all citizens over 60 years now.
It seeks to promote unity in our diversity, while using the common unifying factor.
In achieving this, Team “HIYA NIGERIA” aims to connect the Once Connected but presently disconnected citizens, the Never connected and intentionally disconnected citizens.
This Programme is a flag-off and prelude heralding programme and activities outlined of 365 days as we mark Nigeria’s renaissance and building back the Nigeria that is not only the Giant of Africa, but the Center of Global Resourcefulness in Human and Economic capacity.

VISION – Awaken and restage the 60 years nostalgia feeling, expressed by Nigerians across the country and overseas in 1960.

The objective of this programme is to:
• Re-enact and restage the event of over 60 years, using the TELEPRESENCE technology in converging participant within and outside the country

• Include the participation of Nigerians in the Diaspora during the celebration of the annual independence of Nigeria
• Feature the individuals who participated in the composition of the Nigerian national anthem, pledge, and the design/hoisting of the flag, among other prominent persons and icons.
• Foster communal unity through the activities of the anniversary of Nigerian independence
• Promote the national Icons, and unveil the of the national color Scheme guide, National anthem, Prayer and Pledge Icon, and the back cover of the constitution
• Salvage indigenous languages/dialects from extinction and documentation of orthographies by encouraging Nigerian Communities, parents/children, Schools/Teachers/ within and outside the country to participate in the Translate Me Choral Challenge.
The programme is a vehicle for a compatriot’s call to awaken the minds of All Nigerian Citizens Home and Diaspora, to reflect and replay the great excitement of September 30th, 1960 into October 1st 1960, the communal unity and oneness that encapsulated all citizens over 60 years ago.


THEME: ARISE O COMPATRIOTS: Hear the Clarion Call, In Unity we Grow!!
HIYA NIGERIA is here to make the independence eve celebration an unforgettable experience to Nigerians home and in Diaspora. We like to take Nigerians on a day session and Watch-night/Lighting procession.


1A. Unveiling/book review and walk through exhibition of the National Color Scheme and Iconography book

1B. STORY! STORY!! Our esteemed OCTOGENARIANS tagged the Narrators will take us through the celebration mood, excitement and various festivities of the citizens within and outside the country. The story telling will run through the morning session into early afternoon session.

2. WATCH NIGHTThe watch night/Lamp lights to take place from 10:30pm to 12midnight – a 90 minutes experience of yellow flames of lights nationwide and outside the country. To showcase the communal solidarity and the enthusiast which circulated the atmosphere on the 30th day of September, 1960.
The host of narrators on the Programme will include Octogenarians.

– All participants are required to observe the following information:
– Interested zoom and live participants must register 72 hours before the programme using the registration link:
– Questions can be forwarded in video, audio, and text messages to the WhatsApp line 08055996919. It is very important that you mention your name and location. (You can also use the Social media platforms)
– To participate live you can also call the studio line live on – 08055996919

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    Posted on September 21, 2021 at 12:30 am

    Bauchi steta

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    Posted on September 21, 2021 at 10:10 am

    We are given good hope


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