What we aim to achieve

Programs and Project


Translate the national symbols into Nigerian Indigenous Languages: 51 languages to be translated by October, 2018 and over 4,500 Languages and Dialects to be translated in 2020.

Delve into the background history of the Nigerian National Anthem, Pledge, Constitution, Flag, Currency, Coat of Arms, Identity Card, International Passport e.t.c.

Avail the translations of the constitution to Nigerian Citizens who do not speak or understand English language, especially citizens at the Grassroots to promote ownership


The Civic Educations unit aims to encourage the citizenry at all spheres of life to know the fundamentals of national symbols and understanding their citizens’ civic responsibilities.
School Units are primarily targeted towards the indoctrinating the younger generations of school age the genetics of patriotism. It will also ensure to build the ability to read, write and communicate in their mother tongue.

Each unit of “HIYA NIGERIA” comprises of Volunteers and Educators.
The unit’s activity is a 1 hour weekly interactive session, scheduled as agreed by the participants, in each of the target points below.
The translated educator’s guide for Civic Education Units (CEU) is handled by educator for the Schools and Grassroots.


Research into the phonology of each community then and collation of such for academic development and linguistic standards of languages and dialects as obtainable internationally.

It is to initiate a collaboration of scholars on Standardizing all Nigerian indigenous languages into written and spoken medium of communication. As there is a need to Salvage the remnant of Nigerian Indigenous languages from extinction.



The broadcast will be hosted on National/State Television and Radio Stations. Each programme will be presented using indigenous languages in the following order: selected, regional, wider, and cluster languages of communication in each State.

Presenters will prompt live studio Guests to critically discuss each line of the National Anthem/Pledge, the Constitution, looking into each line and its interpretation, and relating it to other national symbols.

Viewers are expected to contribute to the topic of the day, as the studio phone lines will be opened for home participation. Each line shall be carefully discussed in the course of the weekly episodes.


Registration/Viewpoints and Community Radio centers will be stationed in the eight thousand eight hundred and four (8,804) wards nationwide, to enable streaming link between the main studio and the GCEU viewing centers .

The Viewpoints stations are situated, so that units from the most remote part can participate on the phone-in programme either as discussant or contributor.

The centers are to enable direct and easy access to live guest at any part of the units, which is a great value chain for effective communication with the grassroots

The viewpoint and community Radio is to promote direct participation on national and State programme and reduce lengthy trips to the main studio points.

The communication centers is to develop national/state networking and reach out programmes, activities will be fast and simple to access.


CULTUREPRENEUR; is a supporting sub-project aimed to address the need to synch, congregate and standardize the SME Cluster hub in Nigeria. The Cluster seeks to explore, develop, package, and Organise groups of micro businesses in arts and Agro-Allied Industries to boost the economic viabilities in the Nigerian Culture of Entrepreneurial Heritage and the promotion of trade exchange and exportation. The project is structured to benefit the increase in State and National IGR by synergizing the economic potentials embedded within the Cultural activities in Communities across the Clusters.

The scope of Culturepreneur captures a sustainable platform that will continuously house the Craft Skilled Professional activities, which in return will attract the guild of manufactures and investors into the Entrepreneurial Bionetwork of the clusters. The scope range targets a nationwide supervised productive empowerment of all and sundry at the grassroots artisan groups. Culturepreneur is structured to set up a Cluster with an environment of Manufacturing Residency and indigene integration of crafters and guild of manufactures into the Cluster Communities/Incubation Centers.


For instance, to buttress the unregistered grassroot businesses and entrepreneurial skills, we are looking forward to creating a QUICK BUY APP SYSTEM. An application that is intended to connect the grassroot sellers to elite buyers within their comfort zones. This app is essentially to help elites who might be finding it difficult to go to the market to get on the spot groceries that they need and at the moment or whose houses are a bit far from the market or who might have forgotten to get a particular item before they got into their houses.