The Executive Secretary of Nigeria Commission for Colleges of Education(NCCE) dialogue with Team “HIYA NIGERIA” on how to achieve the NCCE related highlights on the communique of the previous stakeholders meeting on Friday 20th July 2018.

The unscheduled familiarization meeting started at about 12:06 am at the executive secretary’s office which the intent of the visit is to further concretise the partnership with NCCE in promoting civic education in schools, engagement of language graduate across all Colleges of Education nationwide, promote, strengthen other languages in Nigeria, build capacity and development program that will be of help to Nigeria as a nation.

Furthermore, the team requested for that the E.S avail possible partnership guidelines with National Institute of Languages (NINLAN) to translate educational materials, National Anthem and Pledge, National Symbols into different languages spoken in Nigeria. Also on how they can construct the linguistic and grammar for languages in Nigeria.

Moreso, Prof. Bappa .A. Mohammed embraced the project and advise that in the development of other languages, NCCE will create curriculum. The need for HIYA NIGERIA” to be assisted by other interested agencies and  Government. Emphasis was directed on the need to visit all the Colleges of Education language department, in other to collate accurate statistics of the unemployed NNCE graduates.

Finally, he emphasized that getting the data is tasking, therefore, the need to constantly visit NCCE to gain a win-win relationship, also to agree on a questionnaire template to collate data from the different colleges of education nationwide.