In a report given by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Nigeria has 521 languages out which 8 are extinct while some are endangered, In this time when our countries languages is gradually fading out and going extinct and there is a total disregard for our National Symbols such as the defacing of the National Flag or even the use of wrong colours, in this light Zeitgeist Aesthetics (ZA), National Orientation Agency (NOA) and Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) has taken it upon their selves to create a sensitization programme for Citizens to understand their Civic Responsibilities and honour the Nigerian National Symbols in Nigerian indigenous languages tagged: “HIYA NIGERIA”.

HIYA NIGERIA is an acronym for
Y- Yoruba
A- All Nigerian Languages

HIYA NIGERIA is a project aimed at using the Nigerian indigenous language translations of the National Anthem, Pledge and Constitution to inculcate into Nigerians positive national values, patriotism, and Citizens Civic responsibilities. Secondly, is to ensure that Government policies and programmes are better understood, especially at the grassroots and by all the citizenry, using Indigenous Languages as a communication tool. This project would be commissioned by the Vice-President Prof Yemi Osinbajo on the 8th of September 2017
This project is one that must be done collectively. Hence the call for volunteers across the nation in every local government of the federation. Do you have interest in nation-building and value creation? Join this now Click to Register.

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